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These posts are about confusing names and keywords in Java. I use Java a lot and I know many of the terms that cause a lot of confusion. I try to explain why the term was used and what better alternatives would exist.

Misnomer: Cloneable

In my category for Java Misnomers I really should write about this silly interface.  Continue reading Misnomer: Cloneable


Misnomer: List Interface

Some think “List” is a misnomer. I don’t even mind so much. I think List is ok.

I just put this here because there already is an entry in the FAQ:

Why don’t you rename the List interface to Sequence; doesn’t “list” generally suggest “linked list”? Also, doesn’t it conflict with java.awt.List?

PS: Vector is strange, though. It is synchronized and it really should be SynchronizedList. But it is defacto deprecated. So who cares?