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Common misconceptions on programming and computer science in general.
I try answerings questions in a facebook group and often stumble over the same misconceptions. These are merely my thoughts on the topic and not a substitution for a proper text book. A good book can sometimes leave out certain details but it would not lead you to a complete misunderstanding of the topic.

Misnomer: static Keyword

If you look up “static” in a dictionary you find many meanings, none of which explains its use in programming languages. So why is it used in Java, and how is it misunderstood? Continue reading Misnomer: static Keyword


Set-theoretic explanation of IEEE 754

The IEEE Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic is confusing for beginners. Here I try to give an alternative explanation. It’s not my goal to make it easy. It simply isn’t easy. But this might help understand some aspects of floating point arithmetic. Continue reading Set-theoretic explanation of IEEE 754


In my blog I write about misconceptions. Encapsulation is something you learn when you study Java and OOP. But it seems that most books fail to truly explain the problems you want to solve with it and those you get by using it. Often it’s just a short chapter or even just a small part about the important concepts of OOP. This is leading to misconceptions and poor understanding of OOP.

(Note: I wrote this before the release of Java 10. Expect that some things are somewhat outdated.)

Continue reading Encapsulation